Premium Enema Set (2 Liters)

$47.50 $78.00

♥ Healthy: Our enemas set the highest quality standards. Cleansing the intestines with enema bags can lead to a healthier life and eliminate constipation, bad skin, fat accumulation, bad breath. Of course, it can also bring you to enjoy a fresh and satisfying anal sex experience.
♥ Easy to use and carry: With a compact water bag, 7 nozzles, a hose with flow control, the set is ideal for on the go and discreet cleaning at home. Holds 2 liters of water. Choose between 2 different shower attachments for a massaging spray or a more direct water jet for super-efficient anal cleaning.
♥ The most complete suit: 1.6M 100% pure silicone hose + 2 liter bag + 6 additional soft replacement heads + 89ml anal shower + travel bag + instruction manual.
♥ Easy Cleaning: Openly accessible bag, matt look, and robust silicone - the Enema Kit can be cleaned practically in passing. We recommend warm water and, if necessary, a little white vinegar to clean all elements.
♥ Discreet Package: Our products are packed neutrally in a normal box, there is no information about the delivery content on the packaging.


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