Nylon Wrist Ankle Hogtie Restraint Set

$32.50 $53.00


  • Quick and easy hogtie, make it easy to get into the most playful compromising position.
  • Size-adjustable buckled cuffs, find the most suitable fit.
  • Removable 5-ring connector, cuffs can be used in any combination.
  • Nylon and sponge material, does not scratch the skin.


This toy is cleverly designed to perfectly support and stabilize one of the most classically dominant positions. Made of sponge, nylon and metal, the four size-adjustable buckled cuffs (each surrounds wrist and ankle) are connected to a matching 5-ring connector featuring four corresponding rings that work with swiveling connector clasps on the cuffs. Nylon and sponge ensure that your partner is positioned in the most accommodating way. In addition, there are multiple restraints available. You can restrain both ankles and wrists above the body in an up-facing position, or behind the body in a downward or kneeling version, or even you are able to join this toy to other bondage playthings you may already own. Obtain a docile and charming sub can be very simple!

Perimeter: wrist cuff: 8.7”

Ankle cuff: 11.4”

5-ring connector diagonal length: 10.6”

Weight: 0.4 lb

Material: nylon+sponge+metal

Package included:

1 x hogtie


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