Catwoman Mask Bow-knot SM Set

$113.13 $175.00


  • Black-red catwoman mask & bowknot, fall into its unique beauty and temptation.
  • 6-piece set, all you want is here.
  • Can be used separately or in combination, explore a variety of cosplay scenarios.
  • PU material, soft and comfortable, leaving no crease after passion.
  • Hardware buckles and chain, firm and durable.
  • Equipped with a storage bag, for easy storage.


Elegant cat mask, exquisite bowkont, stunning black-red contrast, glossy hardware, PU fabric, all these come together to shape this perfect foreplay flirting restraint set. The lack of any element will greatly reduce its charm. There is no doubt that this cat mask makes an alluring addition to your best outfit, serving as the soul of the cosplay game. The bowknot element is present in the hand and ankle cuffs and collars, which greatly increases the temptation. Tender flesh is bound by the black-red playthings, cornels on the chest is gradually reddened and swollen under the stimulation of the nipple clamp, and the meaty breast shake from time to time, causing the tassels of the nipple clamp to sway from side to side. Your boyfriend will definitely pounce on you immediately and start to open his awesome gift! Turn up your costume for bedrooms and beyond!

Cat mask: 8.3” for height; 19.3-23.2” for wearing range

Cuffs: 10.2 x 2.4” / 12.2 x 2.4”

Collar: 17.3 x 2.4”

Traction chain: 44.9 x 1”

Paddle: 15.9 x 1.8”

Nipple clamp: 4.3 x 1.2”

Storage bag: 24 x 16.7”

Total weight: 1.32 lb

Material: hardware+PU

Package included:

1 x cat mask

2 x nipple clamp

4 x Cuff

1 x Collar

1 x Paddle

1 x traction chain

1 x storage bag


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