SexShopIt™ is a high-end toy brand developed by a team of world-class designers whose mission is to find love and pleasure and to add a new dimension to the life of all mankind.


SexShopIt™ was born in 2008. 

In just two years, our products have been loved by a large number of customers. Globally, we have added many partners, and SexShopIt™ has brought a lot of jobs to the region.


2012 was an important year for us as we wanted more people to enjoy our products and we started our e-commerce business.


In 2016, we received a series of important awards. Each trophy was recognized by all. Encouraged by the various trophies, we carried out charity activities, helped underprivileged students, and contributed to foundations around the world. We believe that every company has an obligation to be responsible to this society. This is progress for all of humanity.


In 2019, we have increased our wholesale business. We want everyone in the world to see our products and know our brand. In the same year, we acquired brands such as Levels, Otoouch, and Letenn.


SexShopIt™ has offices in Tokyo, Berlin, and Hong Kong, and you can get the pleasure of SexShopIt™ to you in hundreds of retail stores and online stores in more than 30 countries/regions around the world. We will continue to work hard and thank you for your love.


Brand Mission

Finding love and pleasure and adding a new dimension to the life of all human beings is the mission of 

SexShopIt™. You can get what you need at SexShopIt™ to help you express yourself and SexShopIt is here to support you. Whatever you are passionate about, we are happy to provide it for you, if not, please contact us and let us know so that we can serve you better.


Brand Vision

We believe that toy is a beautiful thing, the most primal of human desires, which, like all pleasurable things, stimulates us to keep secreting dopamine. Therefore, we should not restrain ourselves and learn to enjoy it. Sometimes it takes some toys to help you achieve the perfect orgasm.

In our opinion, both homosexual and heterosexual, as well as separate sexuality should be supported, so we do not discriminate against any gender. Our vision is that everyone can feel good. For this reason, we will continue our efforts to design more perfect erotic products for you. SexShopIt™ wants to spend every happy moment with everyone.


Brand Values

We believe that toys should not be an expensive luxury. While ensuring the high quality of our goods, SexShopIt™ is willing to make it more affordable for as many people as possible to have their own sex toys to please themselves.


Privacy and discretion are hallmarks at the SexShopIt. We won’t judge you. We respect the rights of consenting adults to safely and fully explore their sexuality. We are proud of our many selections that allow adults to explore their wants, desires, and limits within a safe and judgment-free environment. We want to be your preferred online webstore for your purchase of adult toys for our customer, and hope to earn your trust and loyalty by combining quality products with superior customer service.

Email: support@sexshopit.com