Neck to Hand Official Restraint Collar SM Toy

$74.85 $125.00


  • Appearance of official handcuffs, realize your fetish fantasy.
  • Detachable connecting chain, can be used separately for different cosplay games.
  • Gear design at the opening of the handcuffs, adjust easily to the perfect fit.
  • Stainless steel material, firmly confines your sub.
  • Equipped with a small hexagon wrench, remove the collar and release your docile partner.


If you are lucky enough to get involved in some or several kinds of bondage games, then you may have got a few handcuffs or collars in the closet. Being into bondage games, you should definitely not miss this bondage suit. It is designed in the form of official handcuffs, which allows you and your partner to explore the fun of cosplay at home: police and criminals, fresh fun! The collar and handcuffs are connected by a long chain, or they can be used separately. Thanks to the stability of stainless steel, this pair of handcuffs is able to hold a submissive mate securely in any obedient position that you are fond of, preventing escape. And it stands up to all sorts of rough and tough games. The handcuff key and the hexagon wrench to unlock the collar are all available. Hurry up and start playing in your bedroom!


Collar size: 0.4 x 5.5”

 weight: 0.58 lb

Chain length: 31.5”

weight: 0.07 lb

Material: leather

Package included:

2 x handcuff

1 x chain

1 x hexagon wrench

1 x key


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